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Reign review

Now is your chance to grasp power and wealth. The kingdom is in chaos after the Kings death. With no heir to claim the throne the Lords and Ladies of the land conspire with the great houses to take the title. Can you gain the support you need and wear the Onyx Crown? Reign is […]


Fight for your place in the heavens – Ragnaroll review

The world is coming to an end. An endless winter has descended, freezing the land and forcing the people to the brink of destruction. What is left of the Vikings live in small groups, slowly making their way through what little stores they have left. However Vikings never go down without a fight. There are […]


El Luchador Fantastico Grande – PAXAus Review

Many games were available to play at PAXAus earlier this month, one of which being a prototype copy of El Luchador Fantastico Grande. Luke Snadden takes us through his experience with the game. Being a massive gamer/sometimes cosplayer/general nerd culture participant, PAX Aus was the only place I could be over the first weekend of […]