Justin Spicer


Expedition to Newdale

The kingdom of Longsdale is full of hidden or forgotten places. Ripe for enterprising individuals to create a base of operations and start exploring! Justin braves the great unknown in the Alexander Pfister designed Expedition to Newdale.


Lawyer Up preview

How well does the to-and-fro of a court case translate to the tabletop? Justin Spicer takes a look at a preview copy of the new Rock Manor Games title Lawyer Up to find out.



Can you build up a city over three epochs to be the most honourable and cultural entity in the world? Justin Spicer puts on his city planning hat in his review of Hadara.


Sierra West

Action programming and deck building in an old west adventure, delivered through four different modes. Justin Spicer heads to the old west with his review of Sierra West.

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