The Vermin

This is exactly the sort of supplement I love. It’s short, packed with ideas, and laid out well. Any Dungeon Master could pick this up an hour before their players arrive and insert it into their games. The Vermin gives you a breakdown of ratfolk, a race of bipedal ratlike humanoids that live under major cities in your world.

Grisly Eye Games brings you this supplement packed with easy to access details about ratfollk, how they live, what they do, and ideas to help implementation. Every page will give you something new to spark inspiration in your game.

Cities hold secrets. Many of which happen out in the streets, in the dark of the night. Only heard by those awake, and close enough. This is where you find the vermin, lurking in the shadows. They are the holders of information, whether it is useful or not doesn’t matter. They hold all of it in the deep sewer systems that are their homes.

The Vermin

This supplement comes with a selection of monster stat blocks detailing different types of ratfolk for small encounters, as well as the Rat King… A twisted hive mind of intelligent ratfolk that dream up plots to advance their power or vindictively remove an opponent from above. The Rat King rules the nest, which there is a map for, with a cruel fist ensuring all ratfolk do as they’re told.

There are a bunch a little quest seeds to help you slide this little supplement into your game. My favourite being The 187th Rat-Catcher’s Almanac. A magic tome disguised as a trade guide that is actually a detailed report on the workings of ratfolk society that the vermin will do anything to obtain. Makes for a great hook to throw your players into the shadowy world of the rat folk.

Grab a copy today from the Dungeon Master Guild. It truly is a worthy addition to the major cities in your world from Grisly Eye Games.

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