Return of the D6 in Issue 32

Tabletop and six-sided dice are an old pairing. But the tiny cube didn’t play a huge part in roleplay until West End Games and their Ghostbusters system. In this issue of Mastering the Game writer PK Byron explores the rise and fall, and sort-of rise again, of the D6 system in roleplay in Return of the D6!


Terms of Endearment in Issue 27

What term do you use to explain your hobby to those not in the know? Does it differ from those familiar with it? In this extract from issue 27 Matthew discusses how we refer to or hobby and why.


Getting time in on the Tabletop Playground

The ability to play some familiar games in an unfamiliar environment has become a crucial part of the hobbies existence. Matthew takes a look at the new Early Access tabletop simulation program Tabletop Playground.

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