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18/10/2020 – 24/10/2020 Image Source: Wizards of the Coast, Sharon Tom What happened in the world of tabletop over the last week? What dark powers are now encroaching on the world of Krynn? It’s a job for the anti-heroes of old; The Lawyers. Who joins the Dice Men but The Brigade co-designer Alex Wynnter. They […]


Expedition to Newdale

The kingdom of Longsdale is full of hidden or forgotten places. Ripe for enterprising individuals to create a base of operations and start exploring! Justin braves the great unknown in the Alexander Pfister designed Expedition to Newdale.

Character Casting

Character Casting – Daesht Tath’liri

Sometimes an impressive weapons is less about practicality and more about style. This Character Casting entry we discover the almost-sure aim of the grim elven rogue Daesht Tath’liri, The Bolter.

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