Sparks fly in Issue 33

It’s heating up at The Campaigner, so head to the website to pre-order or subscribe and receive Issue 33 on release. What can you expect to find in the next issue? Let’s take a look.


Getting time in on the Tabletop Playground

The ability to play some familiar games in an unfamiliar environment has become a crucial part of the hobbies existence. Matthew takes a look at the new Early Access tabletop simulation program Tabletop Playground.


Lawyer Up preview

How well does the to-and-fro of a court case translate to the tabletop? Justin Spicer takes a look at a preview copy of the new Rock Manor Games title Lawyer Up to find out.


A unique take on RPGs with Flashback

Steampunk. Character development. Epic moments of revelation. And simple storytelling fun. This is what Flashback offers in a nutshell, making it a compelling RPG system to experiment with. Whether it will be another system to join your already vast collection of tabletop roleplay games, or your first RPG, there are a lot of interesting aspects […]


Join the dating game

As the saying goes, all is fair in love and war. Tabletop sees an awful lot of war. Maybe it’s time for some love. Matthew takes a look at the soon-to-hit Kickstarter game Matchbreaker.


Dying for a living

Fill the boots of a Curse Chaser, hunt bounties and search for treasures in a Western-themed desert. I look at The Few and Cursed ahead of its Kickstarter campaign.

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