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Issue 33 out now

Do your part to save the town, and maybe get a sweet promotion while your at it, with this issue of The Campaigner.


Return of the D6 in Issue 32

Tabletop and six-sided dice are an old pairing. But the tiny cube didn’t play a huge part in roleplay until West End Games and their Ghostbusters system. In this issue of Mastering the Game writer PK Byron explores the rise and fall, and sort-of rise again, of the D6 system in roleplay in Return of the D6!

Issue Release

Issue 31 out now

Want to make friends with snakes and other critters? You can in Issue 31 of The Campaigner. Available now in print or digital.


Last chance to pre-order Issue 31

Slither onto The Campaigner website to pre-order or subscribe and receive Issue 31 on release. What treasures does the issue have in store? Let’s find out!


Mastering the Game in Issue 29

Just because role play is in the genre name, doesn’t mean that everyone knows how to do it. PK Byron takes a deeper look into the act of role playing, and breaks down how to really successfully bring role play into every game session.

Issue Release

Issue 29 Available Today

Welcome to the city of the clouds in Issue 29 of The Campaigner. Find out what is in the latest issue, and how to get your copy.

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