Issue 34 Out Now – At Last!

Issue 34 Out Now - At Last!

Heed the call, and ride to the aid of your people. Issue 34 of The Campaigner is out now!

Now the city is built who will help protect it from outside forces? Fret not, the Paladins are here to help in our Paladins of the West Kingdom game feature. Designers Shem Phillips and Sam Macdonald give some insight into the weighty games development, as well as creating the middle title of a trilogy. What wonders await when a lowly mud crab starts a dungeon exploring venture? We talk to Jacob Janerka to find out how this all came about in The Crabtivating World of The Dungeon Experience. The pandemic has led to a curious occurrence on crowdfunding; COVID-19 themed tabletop games. In Crowdfunding VS COVID we take a look at the positive, and not so positive, ways this has manifested. All this plus the next instalments of Worlds of Roleplay, R the C and Mastering the Game.

All this and much more in Issue 34 of The Campaigner, available now in print or digital.


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