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Slither onto The Campaigner website in the next 24 hours to pre-order or subscribe and receive Issue 31 on release. What treasures does the issue have in store? Let’s find out!

Heck: A Tiny Card Game

Become best friends with snakes and critters with our Heck: A Tiny Card Game feature. Creators Jason Anarchy and Alex Cohen discuss how they took the visuals and themes of Tiny Snek Comics and brought them to the tabletop.

Hail To The Geek

BoardGameGeek turned 20 this year, so we have a look at the celebrations being held.

Batten Down The Hatches

The Radheim team return, as they leave the hustle and bustle of the city behind for a relaxing tropical island. Ben and Sean explain the new setting, and treat us to some truly awe inspiring pirate themed Mordheim scenery.

In The Line Of Fire

We look at how tabletop has helped both in the wake of the Australian bushfires, as well as during. What have people been doing to raise money for fire assistance? And what did a well known Australian tabletop personality do when they found themselves in the middle of a blaze?

Issue 31 articles

Plus PK Byron talking pirate rpg options in Mastering the Game, the next Worlds of Roleplay instalment, Denzil Lim-Hussain as our latest Featured Person as well as more articles and news.

Just head to the subscriptions page within the next 24 hours, choose your option, and a copy of Issue 31 will be delivered to you by the magazines release on 9 March.

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