Issue 33 out now

Issue 33 out now

Do your part to save the town, and maybe get a sweet promotion while your at it, with this issue of The Campaigner.

In out game feature on The Brigade designers Ben Hoban and Alex Wynnter take us through the highs and lows of creating an absurd fire fighting game with its own unique world. Believe it or not, other tabletop magazines exist! We talk to Dan Jolin and James Hunter, co-creators of the new board game magazine Senet, and find out the why the pair have decided to put ink to paper in Board Game Magazines Are Beautiful. What has playing tabletop during lockdown taught you? Pearse Anderson explains the post-pandemic lessons he has been learning in the game Villagers in Learning about Pandemic Community Building from Board Gaming.  Want to design a game, but think you need to do it in a certain kind of environment? Designers and publishers The Bailey Brothers explore how they designed a game on a bike holiday in Spinning Our Wheels. Roleplay should be an experience for everyone. PK Byron returns to give some suggestions on safety tools during roleplay in Are We All Okay? All this plus the next instalment of Worlds of Roleplay, R the C, and much more.

All this plus news and more. Available now in print or digital.

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