Issue 30 Out Now

Issue 30 out now

Did you know, Issue 30 of The Campaigner is out right now?

Become embroiled in the world of court politics and warfare with this issues featured game, Reign. The games designer Khairul Hamdan gives some insight into creating the exciting multiplayer game of diplomacy and subterfuge. America enters the media awards club with the American Tabletop Awards. We talk to one of the instigators and members, Eric Yurko, about how the award came about and where it is headed. There is always debate on where and how to store games. We look at KALLAX, one of the most popular off the shelf storage solutions for games, and find out a little about the range from IKEA itself. What happens when the worlds most ill conceived theft is brought to Kickstarter? We find out when we look at the bogus Dungeon Hoard campaign and talk to the games real creator Ernest Formosa. All this plus the last The Circus is Coming, Mastering the Game, Worlds of Roleplay, Adelaide Board Game Group spotlight and much more.

Get Issue 30 now, in print or as digital download.

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