Issue Release

Issue 36 now in the wild

If you go down to the woods today, your in for a big surprise. Issue 36 is finally here! What does it take to create a charming and thematic exploration on woodland city planning? We find out as James Wilson and Dann May discuss the serious work of creating a cute animal world in our […]

Issue Release

Issue 33 out now

Do your part to save the town, and maybe get a sweet promotion while your at it, with this issue of The Campaigner.


Worlds of Roleplay in Issue 31

On their way to fulfil the deal with the dragon, one of our heroes forges ahead of the group to scout the way. But what started as simply trailing goblins becomes much more in this issues instalment of Worlds of Roleplay, Liar’s Gambit: Tracking The Steps of Apathy.

Issue Release

Issue 31 out now

Want to make friends with snakes and other critters? You can in Issue 31 of The Campaigner. Available now in print or digital.


Last chance to pre-order Issue 31

Slither onto The Campaigner website to pre-order or subscribe and receive Issue 31 on release. What treasures does the issue have in store? Let’s find out!


Worlds of Roleplay in Issue 29

Dragons are big. And tough. A menace for any party of adventurers. But hitting it is straight forward. The real challenge lies in subduing the great beast with not weapons, but words. Foti brings us a new Worlds of Roleplay tale, starting off with a silver tongued rogue making a deal with a dragon that he may yet live to regret.

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