Reflections on a year making games

Aaron Lim over on Action Points podcast made an interesting post about his last 12 months making games and putting them on I have been making games for about three years now. Prior to this I had been interested in it, as regular readers would know. But it wasn’t until I helped start the […]


Testing Games – Being A Tester

This article originally appeared in Issue 14 of The Campaigner, published in 2015. The issue is still available as digital download or in limited print stock. By Matthew Lee, with Stefan Barton-Ross, Justin Halliday and Aaron Lim Games don’t just appear in the world fully formed. They have months, sometimes even years, spent on their […]


I Had The Same Idea in Issue 25

Nothing exists in a vacuum. Not even game ideas. Matthew recounts how he came up with a game, and then saw someone else with the same idea bring it to life. Read this article, and many more, in Issue 25 of The Campaigner. Get it now as digital download or in print while stocks last.


Graphic Design in Card Games from Issue 25

Every player has seen them, cards that are well designed and functional. Or cards which confuse and confound. Khairul Hamdan discusses the fundamentals of card design, and looks at some examples of those doing it right. And those who aren’t. Read this article, and many more, in Issue 25 of The Campaigner. Get it now as digital download […]


PAXAus Collaboratory

PAXAus is looming, but still surprises are sprung on us. Yesterday PAXAus revealed the PAX Collaboratory, a new experience which will be appearing at the event next month. Tabletop focused, it will feature designers showing and testing prototypes of in-development games. Currently not much is know about how it will be presented, or who will […]

Issue Release

Issue 25 Available Today

Find out what’s cooking in Issue 25 of The Campaigner. In this issue things heat up in the kitchen as the game feature visits Burger Up. The games designer Matt Parkes talks about the frantic beginnings of the game, while Allen Chang of Rule & Make joins in to discuss the development. Tavis Parker, co-founder […]


In The Name of Science

This article originally appeared in Issue2 of The Campaigner. The issue is still available in print or digital download. By Matthew Lee When creating a faction, race or even individual in a game setting designers often rely on familiar archetypes to help communicate particular characteristics. These thematic or visual cues help players to identify what […]


Put To The Test: Part 2 in Issue 24

Do you want to design a game, but don’t know what is involved? Prototypes are an important part of the process of game design. Khairul Hamdan concludes his article series Put To The Test as he discusses testing a prototype, collecting feedback and making changes. Read this article, and many more, in Issue 24 of […]

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