Issue 25 Available Today

Issue 25 Available Today

Find out what’s cooking in Issue 25 of The Campaigner.

In this issue things heat up in the kitchen as the game feature visits Burger Up. The games designer Matt Parkes talks about the frantic beginnings of the game, while Allen Chang of Rule & Make joins in to discuss the development. Tavis Parker, co-founder of The Game Crafter, talks about starting the business and how it became an important part of the global tabletop development scene. You asked for it, and here it is. Worlds of Roleplay returns, and Foti introduces us to a whole new story and roleplay experience. Matthew Lee talks to two special guests about the recent AVCon 2018, and gets their impressions on the events Tabletop Room.  Ever thought about the cards you use in almost every game? Khairul Hamdan breaks down the fundamentals of Graphic Design in Card Games. All this plus articles, news and more.

Head to Issue 25 for a free preview download of the issue. Want to get a copy? You can use the pay-what-you-want digital download, or order a print issue while stocks last.

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