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Issue 33 out now

Do your part to save the town, and maybe get a sweet promotion while your at it, with this issue of The Campaigner.


A Pirate’s Life in Issue 31

Want to take your players around the Seven Seas to do some plundering and swashbuckling? PK Byron explores life as a privateer in the latest instalment of Mastering the Game, A Pirate’s Life. 


Mastering the Game in Issue 29

Just because role play is in the genre name, doesn’t mean that everyone knows how to do it. PK Byron takes a deeper look into the act of role playing, and breaks down how to really successfully bring role play into every game session.

Issue Release

Issue 29 Available Today

Welcome to the city of the clouds in Issue 29 of The Campaigner. Find out what is in the latest issue, and how to get your copy.


Mastering the Game in Issue 28

Roleplay games from the past are becoming just as popular as current titles. PK Byron delves into the resurgence of these classic systems, and explores what makes their continued existence so important, in the latest instalment of Mastering the Game.

Issue Release

Issue 27 Available Today

Grab a ticket and get ready for fun. This issue we feature Unfair, the tableau building card game. We talk to the games designer, Joel Finch, about creating the highly modular design and challenges associated with it. Enter the haunted house In The Spirit of Kickstarter when we talk to Keith Franks from Cutlass Boardgames. He […]

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