Kanga Finalists Announced

The list of finalists for the inaugural Kanga award was released on Sunday. You can read the Kanga Guide for details on the criteria used to select the nominees. Game of the Year Finalists Barenpark Lisboa Reign Entropy Best Gameplay Finalists Barenpark Lisboa Crystal Clans Skyward Best Visuals Finalists Lisboa Lady & Tiger Crystal Clans […]


Reign review

Now is your chance to grasp power and wealth. The kingdom is in chaos after the Kings death. With no heir to claim the throne the Lords and Ladies of the land conspire with the great houses to take the title. Can you gain the support you need and wear the Onyx Crown? Reign is […]


Khairul Hamdan talks Reign

At PAXAus 2016 Khairul Hamdan, game designer from Garage Games, was giving attendees a taste of Reign at the TGDA booth. Part combat card game, part political negotiation simulator, Reign gives players the chance to use all their wiles to claim the Kingdom for themselves. I talked with Khairul about the game, his forays into […]

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