Memoirs From Mordheim in Issue 30

Join the Radheim team as they reflect on their time desperately battling amongst the ruined city of Mordheim. Discover each participants highs and lows in Memoirs From Mordheim, the fifth and final entry of The Circus is Coming. 


The Circus Is Coming in Issue 29

Our Mordheim warbands come to a climactic conclusion in part 4  of The Circus Is Coming, Last Band Standing. Will the circus be stopped, or can Chaos grip the already battered city with new levels of terror and evil?


Architects of Ruin in Issue 28

The streets of Mordheim again ring with sounds. But instead of battle, this time its people doing a bit of sightseeing. The Radheim team gives us some insight into how and why they have built the terrain they have.   Read this, and much more, in Issue 28 of The Campaigner. Get it now in […]

Issue Release

Issue 27 Available Today

Grab a ticket and get ready for fun. This issue we feature Unfair, the tableau building card game. We talk to the games designer, Joel Finch, about creating the highly modular design and challenges associated with it. Enter the haunted house In The Spirit of Kickstarter when we talk to Keith Franks from Cutlass Boardgames. He […]

Issue Release

Issue 26 Available Today

Test your sanity in Issue 26 of The Campaigner. In this issue prepare to steel your nerves against otherworldly terror with the Call of Cthulhu game feature. Mike Mason, who worked on the latest edition, discusses how the game has been updated and modernised. Games aren’t just for fun, but can be used for education […]

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