Issue 27 Available Today

Issue 27 Available Today

Grab a ticket and get ready for fun.

This issue we feature Unfair, the tableau building card game. We talk to the games designer, Joel Finch, about creating the highly modular design and challenges associated with it. Enter the haunted house In The Spirit of Kickstarter when we talk to Keith Franks from Cutlass Boardgames. He discusses the how the Kickstarter platform affects indies, and talks about their next game to seek funding Spirits of Carter Mansion. The Smell of Adventure sees us looking at the Oddfish Games product Adventure Scent, and discovering how and why it was created. New contributor PK Byron brings his roleplay knowledge to bear in Mastering the Game: From Story to Tactics, where he muses on when to break out the maps and when to just use your imagination. We dive back into the chaos of Mordheim in part 2 of The Circus is Coming: Warband Paradise, as the team give us some insight into how they created their warbands and how badly everyone died. All this plus the latest Worlds of Roleplay: Dice Will Make Liars Of Us All, our Featured Hobbyist: Ian Gulseth and much more.

Head to Issue 27 for a free preview download of the issue. Want to get a copy? You can use the pay-what-you-want digital download, or order a print issue while stocks last.

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