Character Casting – Bordo the Brewer

Character Casting

In this series modellers and writers pool their talents to create game characters from flights of fancy and their bits box. This entry sees Matthew building a model from parts, and Foti using this to craft a character around.

Bordo the Brewer

Fiction by Foti Pitrakkos  |  Model by Matthew Lee


Potentially a PC, flexible. (Though my description put him snugly in NPC recurring villain territory.)

Definite sci-fi flavour. The monk aspect makes it unique. Could fit into a modern/near future setting, steam punk-esque. More leaning towards space opera than hard sci-fi in my mind.

Character Casting - Bordo the Brewer

Character Casting - Bordo the Brewer Character Casting - Bordo the Brewer


Bordo the Brewer does just that. Brew beer for his monk order. It is a long running tradition, an ancient practice taken up by his predecessors in the time of paper and ink.

And Bordo is the best at it – at least, he seems to think so. His gut seems to agree, as he rarely goes a day without putting a measurable dent in the volume of stock.

But the practice has changed over the centuries, incorporating the possibilities of modern technology into the archaic ritual. It has resulted in brew far superior to anything the monks of old ever bottled.

It also opened up other opportunities for the order to gain a stronger foothold of power in the wider world.


They do not discriminate. There is always a way to justify killing in the name of divine retribution. But really, it’s about the money and power.

And, again, Bordo is the best in his order at making things fall asleep permanently. Poisons, acid sprays, noxious gasses. He goes about his business using his modified Holy Stave, topped with a censer brimming with mind-altering incense, and capped at the bottom with a grim symbol of the business at hand.

Yes, Bordo is a monk of many talents and taste. His work, play and devotion are one and the same, and he goes about all with a quiet reverence and gratitude, as is proper for a man of the All Being.

He is the future of the church in a grim, godless world. And he will bring back a healthy fear of that god, one pint at a time.

Creator Notes

Foti:  I just ran with this one. The contraption at the back definitely got me scratching my head, wondering what it might be used for – which is a perfect recipe for creativity. The skull at the bottom of the staff brought in the grim juxtaposition of an otherwise beer brewing monk. And then the rest just flowed. Oftentimes going with the flow, following your idea forward is the best way to overcome mental blocks and illusory barriers to your creative process. Try something. Put it in your game. And your brain will eventually put it all together in a way you never predicted. Extra note: I love the matter-of-fact expression on this skull-staff wielding, monk.

Matthew: With this one I decided to take a slightly different approach. I’ve had some Kingdom of Avalon miniatures from Alkemy for a while just floating around my bits box. So I chose one of the most unassuming looking, and went from there. A Men-at-arm halberd forearm became its new arm, which I drilled out and made a new staff from metal rod. Then I just… found some stuff that would look neat on a huge staff, like a censor from (I think) the Skaven Screaming Bell. To add a little more visual depth I added a barrel from the Ogre Bull kit, with some technology stuff glued on for good measure.  

Character Casting - Bordo the Brewer

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