Issue 33’s limited edition bonus let’s you fight fire with fire

Are you a fan of the Australian designed, Kanga Award winning, game The Brigade? Love to add limited edition components to your games? Just have to collect all the cards?

Issue 33 of The Campaigner will be exploring the development and release of The Brigade in our game feature. But always going the extra mile, the team at Red Genie Games aren’t just giving us their thoughts and insights. Pre-order the issue, or subscribe, and you will also receive a bonus limited edition Crew card for The Brigade; the formidable Lady Artesia Scyllos, straight from the pages of the soon to be released The Damsels Tale.

This bonus will only be offered with pre-orders and subscriptions, so if you want to put and added edge into your crew, now is the time to order. Fight fire with fire in your bid for the top job!

Issue 33's limited edition bonus let's you fight fire with fire

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