Keep A Weather Eye in Issue 32

The Radheim Team are back with their latest swashbuckling campaign. What are the warbands involved? Why has the eye on the prize? We find out in the second part of R the C, Keep A Weather Eye.


Batten Down The Hatches in Issue 31

The Radheim team have left the city and are on a tropical vacation. Join them as they begin their pirate-themed Mordheim campaign R the C with the first part, Batten Down The Hatches, and learn how their crew has grown considerably. 

Issue Release

Issue 31 out now

Want to make friends with snakes and other critters? You can in Issue 31 of The Campaigner. Available now in print or digital.


Memoirs From Mordheim in Issue 30

Join the Radheim team as they reflect on their time desperately battling amongst the ruined city of Mordheim. Discover each participants highs and lows in Memoirs From Mordheim, the fifth and final entry of The Circus is Coming. 


Last chance to pre-order Issue 31

Slither onto The Campaigner website to pre-order or subscribe and receive Issue 31 on release. What treasures does the issue have in store? Let’s find out!

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