Issue Release

Issue 18 released today

Beware the wrath of the gods! Issue 18 is out today. This issue features the card-throwing strategy game Monstrous, where game designer Kim Brebach takes us through the games conception and creation. We talk to Lorien Green about her documentary, Going Cardboard, and learn what drives someone to undertake such a project. The Creative Challenge […]


This past week on the tabletop

23/10/2016 –29/10/2016 What happened in the world of tabletop over the last week? Games, and game designers, can come from anywhere. Even Huntsville. Which GeekOutHuntsville sounds a little surprised about. A board game won the award for Best Social Game at the video game industry show Game Connection Paris. Take that, game medium of the […]

Creative Challenge

Creative Challenge submissions due

The Campaigner’s latest Creative Challenge is drawing to a close. Submissions are due at Greenlight Comics by close of business Sunday 30 October. If you have misplaced your form, you can download and print a new version.  

Creative Challenge

Creative Challenge underway

The Creative Challenge is well underway. Stages are going fast, so if you wanted to participate get into Greenlight Comics in Adelaide as soon as you can before they all run out. While you are there you can take a look at two of the entries from the last Creative Challenge, ‘On The Hunt’. Participants […]

Creative Challenge

Creative Challenge: Unreal Things Made Real

The Campaigner Creative Challenge is on again. This time hosted by Greenlight Comics in Adelaide, South Australia. This instalment the theme is “Unreal Things Made Real”. Stages are available to collect right now, and as always, participation is completely free. Just head into Greenlight Comics and tell them you want to take part in the Creative Challenge. […]

Creative Challenge

Creative Challenge submission date extension

I have not been well the last few weeks, which unfortunately coincided with the final weeks of the Creative Challenge. So I didn’t have much chance to address participant questions and just generally follow up with everyone’s progress. As such, the submission date is being extended by two weeks. The submission date is now 22 […]

Creative Challenge

Creative Challenge: Cannot Be Stopped

The Creative Challenge returns in Issue 13. This time it is hosted by Justice Comics in Adelaide, South Australia, and the theme is ‘Cannot Be Stopped‘. There are 16 stages available right now, so grab one for free as soon as you can. Have your creation finished and submitted to Justice Comics by 31 July, […]

Issue Release

Issue 10 is out now

The end of 2014 is almost here. What better way to begin winding down the year than with Issue 10 of The Campaigner? This issue Tom Rolland talks to Rob Alderman about Warzone Resurrection, and how Prodos Games revived this old franchise. Syrinscape creator Benjamin Loomes tells us about his RPG soundboard, and why you […]

Creative Challenge

Creative Challenge – Editors Completed Piece

This weekend I finished off my version of the Creative Challenge. Black undercoated the stage, with a small section of the back board masked out. Painted flames onto the back board, the pavers sculpted into the floral foam grey and the basing scatter various tones of brown and green. With the windows base coated black […]

Creative Challenge

Creative Challenge Editor WIP

I never propose a challenge that I myself wouldn’t do. This weekend I started working on my own ‘Incoming Wounded’ diorama. It won’t be included amongst the contributions, this is just one of the ways I make sure that I haven’t set a challenge that is too difficult. The main characters of the diorama. A […]

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