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WIP 01

I never propose a challenge that I myself wouldn’t do. This weekend I started working on my own ‘Incoming Wounded’ diorama. It won’t be included amongst the contributions, this is just one of the ways I make sure that I haven’t set a challenge that is too difficult.

The main characters of the diorama. A monk fleeing from a whip wielding demonic she-devil. No idea where the monk is from, but the she-devil is from Warmachine. The abbey that will form the background is a cut down piece of 40K scenery.

WIP 02

Floral foam glued to the top of the stage. Pavers have been carved into the foam. A section of the foam has been filed down and sand glued into the space. At the same time I applied a layer of PVA glue to the exposed floral foam.

WIP 03

Then, I added greenstuff sleeves to the fleeing monk.

WIP 04

Used wood putty to create the basic shape of the abbey structure, where I cut it away from the rest of the piece.

WIP 05

Once the PVA had dried I painted the floral foam and sand in black acrylic paint to seal it.

Once this is dried, and the greenstuff is also dried, I can undercoat all the elements and begin painting.

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