Creative Challenge: Cannot Be Stopped

Creative Challenge: Cannot Be Stopped

The Creative Challenge returns in Issue 13. This time it is hosted by Justice Comics in Adelaide, South Australia, and the theme is ‘Cannot Be Stopped‘. There are 16 stages available right now, so grab one for free as soon as you can. Have your creation finished and submitted to Justice Comics by 31 July, along with the form you will be given when you pick up your stage. The piece will be photographed, and if chosen, included in Issue 13 of The Campaigner. You can collect your piece after all this is done, and we will even provide a couple of high resolution photographs for you to keep.

If you have any questions just email us here at Keep your eye on this website or the Facebook page for updates and reminders.

What is the Creative Challenge? We want to see what you can do with a theme, a simple base to build from, and your own uninhibited imagination! The aim is to let your creative side run riot and produce a piece that is both interesting and inspiring. Use whatever miniatures you want, or sculpt your own. Fantasy, sci-fi, World War II, Warmachine, Flames of War, or a world of your own creation. It can be in whatever genre you want, for whatever system you want. Just as long as it is a creative, interesting and original. The 6 best creations will be included in the next issue of The Campaigner.

You can learn more about the Creative Challenge, and how you can organise your own, here.

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