Creative Challenge – Editors Completed Piece

Creative Challenge

This weekend I finished off my version of the Creative Challenge. Black undercoated the stage, with a small section of the back board masked out. Painted flames onto the back board, the pavers sculpted into the floral foam grey and the basing scatter various tones of brown and green.

Creative Challenge

With the windows base coated black I gave them a couple of coats of grey, with highlights picked out with a mix of grey and Space Wolf Grey. I also added an orange glow area to one side of the windows, where the demonic lady will be standing.

Creative Challenge

Undercoated the demonic lady and the fleeing monk in black. Then, also gave the demonic lady a spray of orange base coat as well. Used a limited palette of colours on the demonic lady, mostly red and yellow, applied as a drybrush so that some of the orange base coat came through. Metal areas were given a coat of brass, just to give them a bit of a shine. The whole model was then given a red wash, followed by a black wash on areas like the skin and clothing.

The monk was given a coat of cream, followed by another couple of layers of off-white. Leather was used on the belt and gloves, flesh on the skin areas, and grey was used on the metal and the hair. Then the whole model was given a black wash, and the highlight picked out on the clothes.

Creative Challenge

Once all the elements were dry, the windows were glued with PVA glue to the stage. The masked area of the backboard was used as the main anchor point to attach the windows. Each model was glued in using PVA glue as well.

There we have it. A diorama built to the Creative Challenge specifications, and to the theme ‘Incoming Wounded’. All up the whole thing took about nine hours, six to build the elements and three to paint them.

Stages are still available for the Creative Challenge to appear in Issue 10. Read more about this challenge, being hosted by SATGS, here.

URL Reference: Creative Challenge Issue 10

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