The Campaigner Issue 15 released

Posted by Matthew on March 9th, 2016

The Campaigner Issue 15

Don’t look now, but Issue 15 is coming in to dock. Here it is, the latest issue of The Campaigner.

This issue features the roleplay game Fragged Empire. We talk to the games designer, Wade Dyer, about the challenges of creating an entire universe and its rules. Allen Chang discusses the company he co-founded, Rule & Make, and tells how designing games wasn’t originally the plan. Owen Top explores an ancient Viking game in this issues Terrain Crusade, and looks at how to bring it to your own table. Matthew Lee muses on the question of whether he is a game designer yet, and what is one anyway? All this plus news, Worlds of Roleplay and much more.

Download a free PDF or order a print-on-demand copy right now.

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