Issue 37 awakens at last

Issue 37 awakens at last

Can you hear that roar in the distance? It sounds like Issue 37 finally awakens!

Knights and dragons, a classic pairing. But who comes out on top when an interloping knight faces a concerned baby dragon? Alex Wynnter and Ben Hoban tell us about bringing the asymmetrical two player game The Damsel’s Tale to players, as well as turning one game into a slightly different game and fulfilling during a pandemic. There are so many roleplay resources, but where does one start when they know absolutely nothing? Lisa Park recounts her roleplay journey as she finds players and comes to grips with the roleplay medium via a digital platform in New Blood. Matthew braves the frozen lands bordering the Chaos Wastes to talk to the two minds behind the live action Warhammer 30,000 fan film Fratres. He finds out what it takes to make a spectacular practical film about Space Marines and their evil brethren. All this plus The Game Makers, Top Nine, Reviews and much more.

Issue 37 available now in print or digital download.

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