Creative Challenge for Issue 10

Creative Challenge Issue 10
Alien Invasion by Damon Brown – Issue 01

It is on again, the Creative Challenge. Show the world what you got by pitting your modelling skills against this issues theme, Incoming Wounded.

What is this Creative Challenge about? We want to see what you can do with a theme, a simple base to build from, and your own uninhibited imagination! The aim is to let your creative side run riot and produce a piece that is both interesting and inspiring. Use whatever miniatures you want, or sculpt your own. Fantasy, sci-fi, World War II, Warmachine, Flames of War, or a world of your own creation. It can be in whatever genre you want, for whatever system you want. Just as long as it is a creative, well produced piece with balance and originality. The 6 best creations will be included in the next issue of The Campaigner.

When you sign up you will be given a 42mm x 42mm x 80mm high block of pine, as well as an MDF board backdrop. These two pieces easily screw together, and create your display platform. Take them away and get creative! Have your creation finished and submitted by 9 November, along with the relevant submission form. The piece will be photographed, and if chosen, included in Issue 10 of The Campaigner.

This Creative Challenge is being hosted by the new South Australian Tabletop Gaming Society. So if you want to participate go to their Facebook page and keep up with the latest news about collecting your stages and how to submit your contributions. You can download a PDF about the Creative Challenge if you want to know more about the Issue 10 feature.

You can check out Issue 1 of The Campaigner for an example of a completed Creative Challenge.

Creative Challenge for Issue 10 PDF

South Australian Tabletop Gaming Society

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