Star Signs: Children of the Stars

Want to expand your games of D&D by offering players more options? Or build a more immersive world that also effects the PCs? Stuart Watkinson looks at just the resource in the new Star Signs: Children of the Stars supplement for D&D.


The Vermin

Something lurks beneath the streets. Stuart Watkinson follows the sound of scuttling to discover the world of the ratfolk in this roleplay supplement, The Vermin.


The Complete Armorer’s Handbook

Have a favourite weapon or piece of armour in Dungeons & Dragons that you just don’t want to get rid of? Maybe you don’t have to! Stuart Watkinson gives his old kit a new life as he looks at The Armorer’s Handbook for D&D.


Field Notes – The D&D 5E Character Journal

Is your Dungeons & Dragons character sheet getting a little worn out? Are the notes you take from game sessions piling up to the point of absurdity? Where the hell is that crucial piece of information you jotted down about that shady NPC? Foti hopes to have found a solution to these problems and more with the 5E Character Journals from Field Notes.


The Blood Hunter

Do you have the stomach to take down a fearsome monster all by yourself? Stuart Watkinson steps into the boots of a Blood Hunter as he looks at the D&D adventure, The Blood Hunter.

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