Live on the streets of Tinderbox

Designers of The Brigade, Alex Wynnter and Ben Hoban, were joined yesterday by Garth Gray from The Dice Men Cometh and The Campaigner’s very own Matthew Lee for a special Kickstarter live stream. You can watch the four go head-to-head in a battle for the top job of the Tinderbox Fire Department on The Brigade […]


Cheshire and DYoshiiTV play Commander

Commander has become a popular version of Magic: The Gathering. Do you want to know how do those really into the format do it? Over on YouTube Cheshire and DYoshiiTV have uploaded their latest Magic: The Gathering Twitch stream. They are joined by Mitch and Primakat to play the 2016 Commander pre-constructed decks.


Matthew looks at models in Mecha Strike Arena

Mecha Strike Arena came out about a month ago. In this new video Matthew discusses an aspect of the game which he is particularly impressed with.  Presented by Matthew Lee Additional photos by Bradley Visser In Full Effect by Johnny Cashpoint Satellites by Sherlock Homo As some of you may know, I used to be really […]


Ben Loomes from Syrinscape – PAXAus 2016 interview

Matthew from The Campaigner talks to Ben Loomes from Syrinscape at PAXAus 2016. They discuss what is new with the sound effects program, and Ben gives a demo of the SoundSet Creator. Syrinscape in Issue 10 of The Campaigner: Syrinscape: Presenter: Matthew Lee Camera: Sam Pratt-White Editing: Sam Pratt-White and Matthew Lee Titles: […]


Allen Chang from Rule & Make – PAXAus 2016 interview

While at PAXAus 2016 editor Matthew caught up with Allen Chang from Rule & Make. In this video they discuss the recently released Burger Up, the next step for Skyward after successfully funding on Kickstarter, the newly announced Hand of Fate tabletop game, as well as Rule & Make’s new relationship with Table Tyrant Games. […]


PAXAus 2016 Tabletop video

For PAXAus this year we at The Campaigner decided to try something different. The event is a great chance to see some amazing stuff, and talk to some fantastic people. What better way to capture this than in video form? Today’s post is a short tabletop clip package we have put together. Then, during the next […]


This past week on the tabletop

17/04/2016 –23/04/2016 What happened in the world of tabletop over the last week? The Adelaide Tabletop Game Design group holds its April meeting. With six games on the day, this is the largest prototype day held yet. Victory Pointers record a live chat. Prepare for in depth game talk and confused looks. Miniature Wargaming The […]


A New Level of Archery

I came across this video the other day, called Lars Andersen: a new level of archery, which I thought would be of interest to either those frequent roleplay gamers or anyone engaged in designing a roleplay system. It brings up an interesting point, that modern archery has been distilled down to standing still and firing […]

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