The Sassoon Files

What terrifying secrets await in the city of Shanghai? Stuart joins forces with Sir Victor Sassoon to weed out the lurking horrors in The Sassoon Files from Sons of the Singularity.


Call of Cthulhu in Issue 26

What does a new edition mean, especially for a title with such a long history? We explore the latest edition of Call of Cthulhu with its latest keeper, Mike Mason, and find out how you go about updating a classic. Read this article, and many more, in Issue 26 of The Campaigner. Get it now as digital download […]

Issue Release

Issue 26 Available Today

Test your sanity in Issue 26 of The Campaigner. In this issue prepare to steel your nerves against otherworldly terror with the Call of Cthulhu game feature. Mike Mason, who worked on the latest edition, discusses how the game has been updated and modernised. Games aren’t just for fun, but can be used for education […]


Issue 26 Preview

What will be in Issue 26? Terror grips the issue with our Call of Cthulhu game feature. We look at the development of, and educational benefits associated with, the Royal College of Midwives new training tool Continuity Counts. A new group of contributors takes us on a journey as they build a new narrative campaign […]

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