The Stars Align – Preview

Looking up at the night sky people see many things. Unexplored galaxies, unfathomable distances away. Portents and omens of the future, and things to come. Glowing bugs, lost in the darkened sky. Savage Yeti Games looked up and saw a game. I had a chance to take a look at a version of The Stars […]


The Brigade preview

Building a town around the volatile pyromancer university wasn’t such a good idea. Who would have thought it? Now fires are burning all around the city. What’s worse is the Fire Chief has gone missing! Though, this is a great time for an enterprising Warden to claim the top job. After they have put out […]


Alex Wynnter talks about The Brigade

Ever wanted to fight fires and save the town? Red Genie Games is currently putting the finishing touches onto The Brigade, a game where players command crews as they rush about the city extinguishing fires. Editor of The Campaigner, Matthew Lee, talked to one of the games designers, Alex Wynnter, about The Brigade, the Red […]

Issue Release

Issue 9 now available

Today Issue 9, the HeroQuest special issue, was released. In this very special issue, The Campaigner celebrates the 25th anniversary of HeroQuest. We look at the game itself, who created it and some of its history, as well as explore the circumstances that led to HeroQuest becoming the legend it is today. Les Edwards talks […]


Highway Hustle now live on Kickstarter

Today Blue Room launched its latest game on Kickstarter. Called Highway Hustle, it is a competitive game that works on a tile placement and network building mechanic. Rival mayors attempt to build highways from their towns to the Big City, in an effort to spread either Disco or Rock ‘n Roll. Check the Kickstarter page […]

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