Matthew Lee

Matthew is the editor of The Campaigner. Since childhood he has played all sorts of tabletop games, the focus being wargames in his teens and young adulthood. Since working on The Campaigner he has expanded to playing modern board and card game titles. Miniature converting and painting is a passion, but with less time to dedicate to whole armies, the focus has moved to working with dioramas and individual figures. As well as The Campaigner, he runs the tabletop media company Motive Force, coordinates the game design organisation ThinkTank, and is one of the team of Kanga judges. He lives in South Australia, Australia with two dogs, a cat, and a long-suffering but understanding girlfriend.

Chaos, intrigue and terror in Journal d’Indochine

Sons of the Singularity first introduced players to a new way to look at the Cthulhu Mythos in The Sassoon Files. And now they are back with another journey into the unknown with Journal d’Indochine. Matthew talks to Jesse Covner from Sons of the Singularity about the new Kickstarter campaign.


Continuity Counts in Issue 26

We all know tabletop games as something fun. But for Mary Ross-Davie and her son, games presented a great learning possibility. In this extract from issue 26 Mary talks about creating a game to use as a learning tool for midwives.


The Grey Templars: Tale of a Torturer

What drives someone to take justice into their own hands? Why would someone kill for a deity only they can hear? Is a person’s breaking point the end of them, or just the beginning of something terrible and new?


Hail to the Geek in Issue 31

What is possibly the worlds most popular tabletop website, BGG, celebrated its 20th Anniversary this year. Find out what the celebrations were like in Hail To The Geek. 


The Grey Templars: Humanity’s Haven

What is mankind to do when demons are walking the world? Religion offers an answer, in the form of genetically engineered super soldiers. Can these stalwart warriors push back the armies of hell? Or is it too little too late? Matthew reviews the novel The Grey Templars: Humanity’s Haven.

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