This past week on the tabletop

24/05/2020 – 30/05/2020

Image Source: Mattel, Robert Martin

What happened in the world of tabletop over the last week?

I. Have. A credit caaaaard! The prospect of coming Kickstarters doesn’t normally make this news list, but in this case, we make an exception.

Remember how earlier in the year Kickstarter employees started to form a union? Wired took a pretty in depth look into how this went down.

One announcement from Wizard of the Coast has some D&D players, understandably, up in arms.

Featured crowdfunding campaign

Jurassic Dice

Want some more dice, but not some regular old numbered dice? Get some dice covered in dinosaurs! What would you do with them? How do you include them in your dice games? Who knows!? But it’s dinosaurs! And dinosaurs are cool!

Jurrasic Dice is made up of two dice with unique dinosaurs on them. It has a goal of AUD$2,498 and has so far raised over AUD$1,100 with 25 days still to go. The campaign is being run by Robert Martin, and is his 15th, with several successfully funded and delivered.

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