This past week on the tabletop

01/09/2019 – 07/09/2019

Image Source: Forbes, Nick and Jake

What happened in the world of tabletop over the last week?

Hasbro has gone from strength to strength, even in the most difficult of times. Forbes looked at CEO Brian Goldner to find out why.

As part of the ongoing rebrand and update of the site, BGG has had a little bit of a facelift.

Some fairy tales are scarier than others. But they all contain a little magic.

People like board games. Los Angeles Magazine joins those media outlets discovering modern tabletop.

Want to get your game on at ConCentric next weekend, but don’t have a ticket to the sold out event? Get onto the wait list and cross your fingers, as it is around this time returned tickets are redistributed.

Featured crowdfunding campaign

The Magical Land of Yeld: Mermaid Hunters!

Mermaids have good PR. Everyone thinks they are nice and kind. It’s how they lull you in, before breaking out the knives and fangs. In the land of Yeld creatures are aplenty. Can you help the people of Lake Town fight off a gang of mermaids? Or will you succumb to the fishy fiends?

Mermaid Hunters is a starting point for adventures and character building in the Yeld roleplay system. It has a goal of AUD$24,826 and has so far raised AUD$5,201 with 28 days to go. The campaign is being run by Nick and Jake, and is their fourth Kickstarter. Their previous three campaigns successfully funded and delivered.

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