The Phantom on the horizon

It has been decades, but players will soon have the chance to bring The Phantom back to the tabletop. Tomorrow The Phantom: Treasures of Drakon goes live on Kickstarter, after over a year of teasing.

The game gives players the opportunity to experience the seminal story arc Treasures of Drakon from a whole new perspective. With the Kickstarter providing the chance to also grab limited items like original art and miniature prototypes.

We talked to one of the creators, Dale Maccanti, about the game back in Issue 23. The game itself will be published by Frew Games, which is made up of Frew Publications, White Cat Press and Games by Alex Wynnter.

There seems to be a strong interest from fans of The Phantom in the title. So it will be interesting to see how swiftly the game reaches its funding goal. You can find a Facebook event for the launch.

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