MeepleCon 2015 Interview – The Campaigner Podcast

MeepleCon Interview - The Campaigner Podcast

Here is something a little different. This is not the first episode of The Campaigner Podcast, though that is in the works. Think of it more like a aural sampler, or epilogue.

MeepleCon was held last weekend. Game designer Alex Dijk attended, and managed to get a brief interview with convention organiser Matthew Utting, which he recorded. I hope you enjoy this little aside, as Alex and Matthew discuss some of the finer points of MeepleCon.

Download: The Campaigner Podcast – MeepleCon Interview

Show Credits

  • Recorded by Alex Dijk and Matthew Lee
  • Featuring: Alex Dijk, Matthew Utting and hosted by Matthew Lee
  • Theme: In Full Effect by Johnny Cashpoint
  • Website Reference: MeepleCon

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