This past week on the tabletop

This past week on the tabletop

22/11/2015 – 28/11/2015

What happened in the world of tabetop over the last week?

Burger Up cemented its success with an article on Kotaku. The Kickstarter finished up on 23 November, pulling in AUD$46,810 in pledges from 941 backers. This was well above the AUD$9,500 goal.

Al Caynes talks with Kim Brebach and Jamie Lawrence about the new Good Games Publishing venture.

The Daily Nutmeg, a New Haven community website, featured game designer Matt Loter. He spoke about his company Prettiest Princess Games, his latest release Bearanoia as well as the latest game he is working on Glamazons vs The Curse of the Chainmail Bikini.

Games Workshop celebrates one year of the Warhammer App by offering three free downloads. On offer are a datasheet, a story extract and a wallpaper.

Kotaku ran an article by Scott Ludlam, an Australian Greens Senator, about PAXAus 2015. In it he talks about primarily about the PAX experience and how it connects to local digital game developers. And right at the end, COGZ gets a mention.

The guys at Cards Against Humanity ran their Black Friday sale, which this year involved disabling their store and having a ‘Give Cards Against Humanity $5 Sale’. You give Cards Against Humanity $5, and they give you nothing.

New service website Tabletop Freelance launched. It offers publishers the ability to post tabletop related jobs, and freelance artists, writers, game designers and more to apply. There is also a discussion board and galleries.

The Victory Pointers podcast, part of the Action Points! Podcast, releases its fourth episode. Sye, Kim and Aaron are back and talking about their PAXAus experience, games they played, and what is happening in the Australian tabletop game development industry.


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