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There have been some rather interesting articles on Games Workshop recently.  And not just on wargame related websites either. It appears that the business practises and legal maneuvering that we hobbyists have been questioning for years has started to eek out into the mainstream media.

Two article of note. This article on Bell of Lost Souls, LEGALWATCH: Games Workshop vs Chapterhouse Latest. They look at the ongoing legal battle between the two companies, in particular Games Workshop’s apparent missteps in their legal process.

The other is from Kataku, the popular geek culture website that all the non-geeks read. So you know if something is starting to gain traction when it appears on there. In particular this article The Iron Fist, a neat synopsis on Games Workshops irregular pricing across different regions. This article is an excellent introduction for those who aren’t too familiar with Games Workshops pricing and trade policies, how they vary across the world, and what effect this has.

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