Issue 8 available now

Posted by Matthew on June 9th, 2014

The Campaigner Issue 8

Today Issue 8 of The Campaigner was released.

In this issue Andy Hawkins tells us about the inspiration and development of the card game Solitairium. We talked to indie game darling Jamey Stegmaier about Stonemaier Games, Kickstarter, and how to win the hearts of gamers everywhere. Owen Top educates us in the finer points of commissioned scenery building in this issues Terrain Crusade. Dwarf fanatic Kera Foehunter tells us about the hobby for her, and shows us some of her amazing sculpting work, as this issues Featured Hobbyist.

All this, plus more Gamer Dad, Worlds of Roleplay, tournament and painting competition photo essays, news and much more.

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