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Posted by Matthew on March 27th, 2014

Highway Hustle promo video still

Today Blue Room launched its latest game on Kickstarter. Called Highway Hustle, it is a competitive game that works on a tile placement and network building mechanic. Rival mayors attempt to build highways from their towns to the Big City, in an effort to spread either Disco or Rock ‘n Roll.

Check the Kickstarter page for the promotional video, as well as a video on how the game is played. There is also a version of the rules available to download.

Highway Hustle box example

Highway Hustle’s rules and artwork are almost completed. The Kickstarter is primarily to fund the manufacturing of the game, with the current goal being AUD$15,000. There are a number of funding levels, with a physical version of the game provided from pledging AUD$50 or more. As with most Kickstarters, new items will be made available as certain funding goals are reached.

While Blue Room are an Australian company, the Kickstarter is open to backers from all over the world. Those outside of Australia will need to factor in additional postage charges, however.

Highway Hustle city illustration

This is Blue Rooms second crowdfunded game. The first being Ninjitzoo, funded through Pozible, which was the game feature in Issue 6 of The Campaigner.

The Kickstarter campaign is open until 26 April. See the Kickstarter website for more details, and updates on the project.

Link: Highway Hustle Kickstarter

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