Issue Release

Issue 04 released today

The latest issue of The Campaigner, Issue 04, releases today. And it is our largest issue to date. So what are we offering this time around? This issue we look at Wooden Wars, the game of strategic battles fought on your floor. We talk to creator Thomas Foss about the development of the game, the […]



Only two days to go before issue 04! Today I went and picked up the first run of business cards for The Campaigner. To be honest, they aren’t particularly amazing to look at visually. One sided, and while a full colour digital press, I only utilised two colours. But the cards are about quickly distributing […]


One week until issue 04

Here it comes. In seven days issue 04 is released. To prime you for this event, we give you a small peak at this issues cover illustration. Created by Christian Heffernan, for the issues featured game.


Issue 4 on its way

Just a reminder that issue 4 will be coming out very soon. In fact, on 9 June. As a teaser, here is a portion of an illustration that appears in the issue, by Craig Lee. Get ready for the largest issue yet. The usual interviews and opinion articles, as well as Gamer Dad and Worlds […]

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