Return of the D6 in Issue 32

Tabletop and six-sided dice are an old pairing. But the tiny cube didn’t play a huge part in roleplay until West End Games and their Ghostbusters system. In this issue of Mastering the Game writer PK Byron explores the rise and fall, and sort-of rise again, of the D6 system in roleplay in Return of the D6!


Wingspan in Issue 32

Come and explore the world of birds in our Game Feature on Wingspan. Designer Elizabeth Hargrave recalls the games life cycle, while publisher Jamey Stegmaier recounts the ups and downs of bringing the game to market. 


Keep A Weather Eye in Issue 32

The Radheim Team are back with their latest swashbuckling campaign. What are the warbands involved? Why has the eye on the prize? We find out in the second part of R the C, Keep A Weather Eye.


A Quiet Word With The Bard in Issue 32

Unless you have been living under a rock, you have probably seen the ‘Why Heroquest is so Great’ video on YouTube. We manage to track down its creator, The Bard, and find out some of his thoughts about the game, his hobby and YouTube in A Quiet Word With The Bard.


The Digital Option in Issue 32

The pandemic has left tabletop players exploring other avenues to get their game fix. In The Digital Option we explore how people have turned to digital solutions to deliver their tabletop experiences, and what effect this has had.

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