Total War: Warhammer 2 trailer released

Posted by Matthew on April 4th, 2017

Total War: Warhammer 2

War has returned to the Warhammer world. This time pitting all new armies against each other.

A few days ago Creative Assembly, the developers behind the Total War series, revealed the first trailer for the sequel to Total War: Warhammer on the Total War YouTube channel. Three factions are features, the High Elves, Dark Elves and the Lizardmen. The appearance of a mysterious rodent at the end also implies the inclusion of the popular Skaven.

It looks like Creative Assembly are continuing their Warhammer games in the classic universe, and have not moved over to the Age of Sigmar setting quite yet. Though some of the trailer seems to heavily imply that this transition may be happening at some point in the future. This is particularly apparentĀ if you are familiar with End Times lore.

You can watch the trailer right now on YouTube or Steam, or check it out below.

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