This past week on the tabletop

Posted by Matthew on March 26th, 2017

This past week on the tabletop

19/03/2017 – 25/03/2017

What happened in the world of tabletop over the last week?

Australian games just keep popping up. TGDA took a look at some of the releases in 2016 in an informative video.

Who doesn’t love a game? Or 10,000?

No more getting the boot. Designer of COGZ, Wesley Lamont, appeared on ABC Radio to discuss board games.

It appears someone lost their D6.

Dive into the criminal underbelly of Magic. Cracked ran an article written by a Magic: The Gathering card forger explaining the process.

From pen-and-paper, to pixels, and now virtual reality. Chris Avellone chatted to Glixel about his ever changing career in games.

Some of the new Kickstarters from this week:

This is not an endorsement of any of these games, creators or Kickstarter campaigns.

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