GeekFest 2017

Posted by Matthew on January 17th, 2017

GeekFest 2017

This last weekend saw GeekFest held at Coal Creek in Victoria, Australia. The Campaigner’s Alex Dijk¬†headed down for a look, and took a nice selection of photos while he was there.

Activities on offer included paint and take miniature painting (as well as painting lessons), roleplay games, speakers, competitions and a selection of digital games. There were also vendors like Hobby Bastion with games of X-wing, Gippsland Swordcraft and Get Geeked.

The venue, Coal Creek, is a colonial Australia themed community park and museum. GeekFest has a strong steampunk bend, which matches the location really well. It is a large space, and GeekFest does a good job of utilising this as best it can.

There is certainly room for the event to grow. While it has a sizeable area, attendance did not seem to reach triple digits. The event may have to think about increasing awareness that it exists. As it is though, with the event itself, those in charge appear to be doing a fantastic job of organising and running it.
You can keep up-to-date with the goings on of GeekFest on their website.

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