Fragged Empire Protagonist Archive Kickstarter

Posted by Matthew on April 15th, 2016

Fragged Empire

Are you a Fragged Empire player, or were interested in this issues feature article on the game? A new Fragged Empire Kickstarter is now running for a new book and some miniatures.

The book is the Protagonist Archive, an expansion which introduces four new playable races to the setting.  There are also a selection of miniatures which can be added to your pledge. The miniatures represent one of each of the playable races, as well as a Mechonid Disciple.

There is still just over 20 days to go before the end of the Kickstarter. It has already exceeded its pledge goal of AUD$32,500. Stretch goals will begin to unlock at AUD$40,000 so get in now to begin breaking these open.

Website Reference: Fragged Empire RPG: Protagonist Archive and Miniatures.

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