Going across the pond

Posted by Matthew on December 7th, 2015

Going acoss the pond

Photographer and friend of The Campaigner, Heath Uisge Farnden, needs your help. He has been planning a trip to GaryCon in 2016 for a while now. However, recent events have meant that his careful saving has had to be used for other purposes, and now he is looking into other ways to finance his trip.

To this end Heath has started a GoFundMe to help him cover some of the expenses of the trip. He isn’t asking something for nothing, though. Contributors will receive a collection of high resolution photos Heath has taken during his trip. Those who provide a substantial amount will be given the added bonus of being able to make requests.

Heath is an avid gamer, and has been a huge supporter of The Campaigner for a while now. Check out Heath’s GoFundMe page for more details about the campaign, and Health himself.


Website Reference: “OZ to US” Aussie Gamer Photoblog

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