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Posted by Matthew on February 10th, 2014

Rankings HQ

Today Andrew Galea, of Rankings HQ, reached out to all the users of the free service. It seems times are tough, and Andrew is hoping the wargame community will support Rankings HQ while moving through this period. Andrew provided some details in his email, which you can also read a copy of here:

Rankings HQ needs your support!

Over the last 4 years I have tried various methods to raise sufficient funds so that the owners of Rankings HQ are not out of pocket thousands of dollars a year to keep the site running. Whilst I have had some success the bottom line is that we constantly struggle to cover our costs.

There are thousands of players that consistently contact me to say how they love the site and don’t want it to go away so I am putting it out there. If you want Rankings HQ to continue to exist then please make a donation to help out.

If the regular users of Rankings HQ contribute just $10 a year we will cover our costs and be able to continue to support and develop the site into the future. If not enough users choose to support the site by donating then we will be forced to close it down.

I will let the users of Rankings HQ decide whether they want the service RHQ provides to continue!

At the moment there are three tiers you can support, titled Grunt, Warrior and Titan. Donations are done through Paypal, though you don’t need a Paypal account to donate, just a credit card.

The Grunt and Warrior Support selections award you with a corresponding icon on your RHQ profile. However, the Titan Support level not only adds an icon to yor RHQ profile but you also receive a set of 5 black Rankings HQ Casino dice.

Rankings HQ has offered a unique and valuable service to may tabletop tournament players, completely free, for a good many years. It would be heartening to see the gaming community, especially those who regularly attend tournaments, support Rankings HQ during this period. The support period will last for two months, closing on roughly 10 April.

You can find the support links on Andrew Galea’s email, or for your convenience, below.

Grunt Level

Grunt Support Level

Warrior Level

Warrior Support Level

Tital Level

Titan Support Level

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