Issue 35


Released 13 March 2021

Adventure awaits in the ever changing game of fate. Find out whose story is really being told in our Hand of Fate: Ordeals game feature. We hear from the games designer Barantas, as well as Allen Chang from Rule & Make, about creating a game within a licensed property. COVID hit some games stores hard. We talk to the team at BrainHackr in Picking Up The Pieces, as they start to rebuild after a pandemic-caused closure. Did you know you can join games together by a narrative, even those not related to each other? Matthew explores the idea of adding a little story to your games night in Build Your Own Narrative. All this plus the next instalments of Worlds of Roleplay, R the C, the return of Featured Person with Lyndon Patrick-Cullen, and much more.


  • Hand of Fate: Ordeals (Game feature)
  • Picking Up The Pieces (BrainHackr Interview)
  • Build Your Own Narrative
  • Lost Control Again
  • The Return of the Roll
  • Worlds of Roleplay; Liar’s Gambit: A Beguiling Performance
  • R the C: Part 5 – So Dramatic (Mordheim)
  • Featured Person: Lyndon Patrick-Cullen
  • News



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